Spring Creek Health Care Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center
Resident Information
At Spring Creek, we want to be your choice for healthcare. As a resident at Spring Creek Health Care, you can be sure that we will do everything possible to make your stay here pleasant and comfortable. We know that no one wants to be sick or in a health care facility. But if you find that you or a family member needs medical care, you can count on Spring Creek Health Care. Our goal is to continue to offer you the most advanced services and the best possible care.

Spring Creek Health Care admits residents in need of short-term care as well as those in need of continuous skilled nursing services. All applicants are selected without regard for race, creed, national origin, handicap or sponsor.

Visit Us
To start the admission process, we encourage you to tour Spring Creek. We also recommend that you bring the prospective resident so that he or she can be involved in the decision-making process.

The tour provides the opportunity to view the residence rooms and common spaces, as well as the Rehabilitation Center, and to meet some of our team members.

To schedule a tour, call (270) 752-2900.

Before Admission
Once accepted for admission, you, or a loved one, will be provided with information on how to prepare for the stay, what to bring, and other answers to frequently asked questions.


Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances are accepted. We also accept private pay.

Privacy Practices
The facility protects and promotes the rights of each of our residents. Please view our Privacy Protection Notice.

Spring Creek Health Care's List of Services and Costs:

Room and Board
Please contact Spring Creek Health Care for current private and semi-private rates.

Laundry Services
Laundry services are provided by the facility at no additional cost to the resident. Personal laundry service may also by provided by family/friend.

Telephone Services
Telephone services are provided by E-Tel and billed directly to the resident by the company. The customer service representative phone number is 270-753-5312.

Cable Services
Cable television is provided by Murray Electric System and billed through your monthly Spring Creek account. The customer service representative can be reached at 270-762-1563.
Schedule a Tour
Come take a tour.  We love to show people what Spring Creek has to offer!
Activity Calendar
There's always a lot going on at Spring Creek!  Check out our activity calendar.
Stay in Touch!
Stay in touch with the ones you love.  Email a resident.

Spring Creek Health Care, 1401 South 16th Street, Murray, KY  42071
For more information or to schedule a tour, please give us a call. Our staff will be happy to assist you.
270-752-2900 or 270-752-2950